Virtual Binoculars and Virtual Laser Rangefinders

The 5DT Virtual Binocular and Virtual Laser Rangefinder series offers the user affordable quality, high resolution (SVGA) and a crisp image packaged in a sleek, comfortable and extremely light design.

Affordable quality Crisp SVGA image 800 by 600 resolution
Frame Sequential Stereo Internal Mounting Space for Trackers Lightweight

Basic and Enhanced Versions

The 5DT Virtual Binoculars/Virtual Laser Rangefinders are available in two variants, with 26° rectangular or 45° circular field of view. The 5DT Virtual Binocular 800-26 has a 26° field of view and is based on LCOS technology. The 5DT Virtual Laser Rangefinder 800-40 3D is based on an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display and has a 45° circular field of view.

Specifications 5DT VB 800-26 3D 5DT VLRF 800-45 3D
Resolution 800 by 600 per Display 600 by 600 (Circular) per Display
Field of View 26° Diagonal 45° Diagonal
Display Technology LCOS OLED
Stereo Vision 3D Stereo Standard (Page Sequential) 3D Stereo Standard (Page Sequential)
Weight Approx. 600 g Approx. 600 g
Button Interface Optional Standard with 4 Buttons

Options Integrated Trackers

The 5DT Virtual Binocular or Virtual Laser Rangefinder products do not include orientation trackers, but trackers can be supplied with the product. We will integrate your tracker at no additional cost. Please contact us for details if this is required.

Custom Shells

Our display technology can be installed into custom displays if required. Please contact us for details regarding this service.


VB263D-B5DT Virtual Binocular (VB) 800-26 3D (with Button Interface) $ 4,490.

Item Description Price
VB263D 5DT Virtual Binocular (VB) 800-26 3D $ 3,995
VLRF453D 5DT Virtual Laser Rangefinder (VLRF) 800-45 3D $ 9,995


Item Link Size
5DT HMD and Virtual Binoculars Data Sheet here 75kB
5DT HMD 800-26 Manual (applicable to 5DT VB 800-26 3D) here 434kB
5DT VLRF 800-45 Manual coming soon
5DT VLRF 800-45 Settings Application coming soon

5DT Virtual Binoculars and Laser Rangefinders can be purchased directly from 5DT (via our contact form) or via one of our international hardware resellers.