Training Simulator Types

A 5DT Training Simulator consists of a Simulator Base System (SimBASE™) and a Simulated Machine Cab (SimCAB™)

Simulator = SimBASE™+ SimCAB™

The Simulator Base System (SimBASE™) acts as a base framework. It consists of a visual display system, computer hardware, an instructor station and a motion base. It also includes software functionality.

The Simulated Machine Cabs (SimCAB™) are modular units that resemble specific mining and construction machines that are simulated. It consists of a simulated cab built with real OEM parts, machine controls and instruments. It also includes software functionality specific to the real machine that is being simulated.

The SimCAB™ are rolled into the SimBASE™ on transport trolleys (dollies). Several different SimCABs™ may be used with a single SimBASE™. 5DT offers 4 different types of SimBASE™ Systems:

Hexagon-type Simulator Base System: SimBASE™ – HEX

The 5DT Hexagon Simulators is a combination of the the SimHEX base system and a SimCAB.

Cube-type Simulator Base System: SimBASE™ – CUBE

Head Mounted Display Simulator Base System: SimBASE™ – HMD

Pre-Simulator Base System: SimBASE™ – PRE

SimCAB™ Swap-out

SimCABs™ can be exchanged in less than 5 minutes.