The Benefits of Training with Simulators

5DT Training solutions enable an organization to develop both the Knowledge as well as the Skills of its personnel. This approach offers a wide range of benefits for all departments of an organization, such as:

Corporate and Investors

  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI):
    • Increased production
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Reduced number of accidents
  • Lower risk
  • Improve skills and knowledge of workforce
  • Better corporate image

Human Resources (HR)

  • Screening of new employees
  • Training of local populations
  • Off-site recruitment
  • Off-site training
  • Higher workplace skills and knowledge


  • Training of new operators
  • Evaluation (assessment) and re-training of existing operators
  • Familiarization and induction tool
  • Shorter operator training periods
  • Greater training flexibility
  • 24/7 Training
  • Consistent high training standard
  • Accurate training paper trail

Operations and Business Improvement

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce loss of production as a result of training with real machines
    • Improve application of best practices
    • Evaluate current best practices in simulator
    • Optimize best practices in simulator
    • Use simulator as instrument to roll out best practices into an organization
  • Enhance operator skills development


  • Reduce machine damage and wear and tear
  • ‘Park and test’ machine training for mechanics and artisans

Health and Safety

  • Increase safety awareness
  • Practise life-threatening scenarios without risk of injury or risk of damage to equipment (the correct response to an emergency may be practised over and over again)
  • The only way to guarantee that personnel has been trained to handle emergencies
  • Proper training of operators of machines with no passenger seat
  • Reconstruction of accidents
  • Implementation of changed policies and/or standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Showcase a mine’s operations to groups of people without exposing them to typical mine hazards.
  • Showcase a mine’s operations far away from the mine site (e.g. on a trade show floor).


  • Reduce burning of greenhouse gases because actual machines are not used for training.

Research and Development (R&D)

  • Try new techniques and procedures in the simulator first, before validating it in reality.
  • Check machine compatibility with mine design before the start of procurement and/or construction.


  • Increase Motivation: The combination of increased safety awareness, increased production, smarter production and reduced machine damage normally leads to a highly motivated workforce.