The 5DT Training Plan

5DT offers a Training Plan, not merely Training Simulators.

Our training plan has been developed to provide a systematic development of the trainee’s knowledge and skills.

The Training Plan has 4 stages:

Step 1: Knowledge Transfer – Computer-Based Training Systems

This teaches the trainee the theory, basics and terminology of a specific mining machine. The computer-based training (CBT) is delivered at the site or via the worldwide web (online).

Step 2: Knowledge Transfer – Visualizers

This teaches the trainee where the specific mining machine fits into the overall mining process. It gives the trainee a big-picture, holistic view. It is ideal for coordination and supervisor training.

Step 3: Skills Transfer – Pre-Simulators

This teaches the trainee the controls of a specific mining machine, so that no time is wasted teaching controls on the main simulator.

Step 4: Skills Transfer – Training Simulators

This submits the trainee to training scenarios, ranging from easy to difficult. It teaches the trainee how to handle the machine during emergencies.

With the 5DT Training Plan you can have more than 10 persons training at the same time, instead of a single person in a simulator, as offered by conventional training simulator providers.