Simulator Support

5DT’s simulators are designed with availability in mind from the ground up, where availability is a function of reliability and maintainability. We choose the most reliable parts, sub-systems and designs. We also design our simulators so they can be maintained easily and effectively.

Emergency spares for the systems are kept on site to ensure that it can be serviced quickly and efficiently.

The support plan includes the following:

  • Warranty extension to three (3) years
  • Three (3) pro-active (planned) site visits per year
  • One (1) re-active (unplanned) site visit per year
  • 5DT Train-the-Trainer (T3) program for instructors
  • All parts, labor, travel and accommodation costs
  • Free software upgrades
  • Free documentation upgrades

Support is generally provided progressively as follows:

  • Telephone and E-mail Support
  • Internet or Modem Support
  • On-site Support