Pre-Simulators are used to teach the trainee how to identify and operate the controls of a machine. The use of a pre-simulator station frees up the main simulator.

A Pre-Simulator consists of a Simulator Base System (SimBASE™- PRE) and a Simulated Machine Cab (SimCAB™).

The Pre-Simulator utilizes the same SimCABs™ that are used in the main simulator. If a SimCAB™ is not used in the main simulator, it can be used productively in the pre-simulator.

Pre-simulator training generally develops the skills of a trainee, specifically focused at machine controls. It helps to develop muscle memory and rapid reaction in an emergency.


  • Trainees can familiarise themselves with the controls of a vehicle/machine before going to the main simulator. This ensures that valuable main simulator time is not wasted on teaching a trainee the machine basics.
  • Machine controls familiarization in the pre-simulator can take place in parallel with scenario-based training in the main simulator. More people can therefore be trained simultaneously.
  • Training can generally be conducted without an instructor present.



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