The 5DT Hexagon-Type Simulator Base System (SimBASE™ – HEX) includes 3 projectors, 3 projection screens, a large rear-view LCD screen, a classroom screen, a computer system, a motion base and an instructor station.

The Simulator Base System accommodates a wide variety of Simulated Machine Cabs (SimCABs™) and Simulated Machine Remotes (SimREMOTEs™) for Underground Coal Mining, Underground Hard Rock Mining, Surface Mining and Construction machines.

General Features

User management
Weather settings (dust, fog and rain)
Continuous monitoring of operators and error logging in all training scenarios
Time of day settings (day, dusk, night or dawn)
Outside view (e.g. top-down view) on instructor and classroom screens
Simulator safety switch for instructor


Modular solution
High degree of classroom interaction
Wide range of SimCABs™ available
210° Horizontal field of view (180° front, 30° rear)
45° Vertical field of view
6 Degrees of freedom (6-DOF) motion base
Safety switches for instructor and operator
Classroom screen
Rear-view screen
Easy SimCAB™ swap-out
Single connector interface with SimCABs™
Colour laser printer for reports
Virtual instruments shown on classroom screen

SimCAB™ Swap-out

Less than 3 minutes swap-out time
No tools or cranes required