MineVIZ™ Underground Coal

The purpose of the 5DT Underground Coal Mining Visualizer (MineVIZ™ – UG Coal) is to enable users to visualize the processes and activities in an underground coal mining section.

Users get the opportunity to interactively manage an underground coal mining section. This develops their management skills in a safe and controlled environment.

This package is aimed at underground coal mine section managers. It may however be used equally effectively for the training and induction of machine operators, mine managers and administrators.

Training Tool
Planning Tool
Optimisation Tool
Production Management Tool
Orientation Tool

It is possible to set up a virtual mine with one Continuous Miner and two shuttle cars and let the process run its course for a specific time-period. One could then increase the number of shuttle cars and perform another run. The outcomes of the different runs (measured in tons of coal produced per time period) could then be compared with each other.

In terms of the operational use of the system, one could set up the virtual mine according to the plan of an existing mine and with the same number and types of machines. The system could then be used for planning, briefing and debriefing (feedback) purposes.

The total system consists of the system software, a high performance notebook computer and a large screen display for classroom viewing.

MineVIZ™ – UG Coal Program Modes
Edit a mine section (Setting up the virtual mine)
Edit a scenario (Setting up the virtual machines in the virtual mine)
Run a scenario (Pre-programmed mode)
Control a scenario (Interactive mode)

MineVIZ™ – UG Coal Features
Active indicators: Time and Production (tons of coal mined)
Visualization can be run in normal, accelerated or decelerated time
Transparency view (look through rock to see what is hidden)
Ventilation view (air/gas flow is continuously calculated)
Hazards view (illuminated hazards in the workplace)
Static viewpoints (e.g. at coal face or at feeder-breaker)
Dynamic viewpoints (e.g. driving on-board a shuttle car)
Viewpoint navigation with computer mouse
Cut sequences may be programmed
Artificial intelligence (AI) machines