Longwall Training Simulator

This simulator develops the Skills of a Longwall operator team. Skills are developed progressively by subjecting the trainee to general, specific and emergency Training Scenarios. Operator errors are recorded and reported.

The trainee controls the machine with the same radio controller that is used for the actual machine. The trainee is first taught how to start the shearer. The trainee is then taught how to operate the radio device. From this point, the trainee moves onto cutting coal with the shearer. The trainee can control the primary and secondary booms, the cutting drums, the cutting direction, the water spray booms and the cowels.

The support shields of the Longwall are controlled from the simulator keyboard.

Apart from teaching the trainee how to control the shearer, this simulator is also very useful for teaching trainees about the long wall process. The trainee may ‘walk’ up or down the long wall underneath the plates. The trainee may view the advancement of the long wall in accelerated mode, leading to a rapid understanding of the process. The system also has a see-through mode where the long wall may be viewed from any angle through the coal.

Real shearer remote control used in simulator
Training Scenarios
Start-up and shutdown procedures
Part movement procedures
Controls familiarisation
Cutting coal (to tailgate)
Cutting coal (to maingate)
Movement of support shields