Dragline Training Simulator

This simulator develops the Skills of a Dragline operator. Skills are developed progressively by subjecting the trainee to general, specific and emergency Training Scenarios. Operator errors are recorded and reported.

Electrical drive and mechanical drive truck models available
Propel mode (walking) and production mode (dragging)
Accurate simulation of dragline system
Accurate shadows to facilitate better depth perception
Production cycle analyses tool measures the relevant data of each of the production cycle elements: Drag, Swing, Spoil, Return-Swing and Spot
Data is compared to editable baselines that are set by the instructor
Real-time overlays of bucket zones
Real-time overlays of Dragline dials and instruments
Advanced reporting – Results are categorized such that an instructor can easily identify problem areas
Advanced rope dynamics model
Advanced ground interaction model
Training Scenarios
Start-up and shutdown procedures
Part movement procedures
General driving
Controls familiarisation